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2020.02.22 (土)12:00-17:00
2020.02.23 (日)12:00-17:00

・ アップサイクルしたいモノを持ち込んで下さい!
・1人 1h-1.5h程度の作業時間を見込んでいます!
・Love Charity Tokyoで集めた洋服もあるのでそこから選んでもOK!

【チケット※Peatixで購入 】
参加費 2,000円

(1) 12:00-13:30
(2) 13:45-15:15
(3) 15:30-17:00

What is upcycling?
Transforming old, vintage pieces that you don't wear, into something that you love. By painting, stencilling and patching!

Relax and express your creative-self whilst chilling with your friends at the fashionable Wired Cafe in Shibuya Stream. Feel good knowing that instead of buying something new you're giving something old a new lease of life by upgrading it and making it current once again.

2020.02.22  12:00-17:00
2020.02.23  12:00-17:00

【what to do】
・ Bring something you'd like to upcycle!
・Book a table for 1h-1.5h!
・If you don't have anything you'd like to upcycle you can purchase something from our Love Charity Tokyo Shop for


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