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Have you been attending business seminars, work from home seminars, make money online seminars and yet have nothing to show for it or process taking too long to start seeing benefits...

Have you also been patient with them and watch them motivate you to go all in and invest more where you have not gotten returns on the one you invested...

Here is the shocker... 90% of online business start-ups fail – Forbes News. 10% of them that succeed requires high computing skill set to join. 9 out of 10 US Citizens has lost money in Online Business. 8 out of that 9 are Under-Served Citizens that have been displaced from work, under paid at work, lack necessary skills to do business online or have lost their insurance and looking to make extra money online to cover their bills.

This meetup is set to bridge that gap by providing members with SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BUSINESS COACHING SESSIONS every Saturday. During these sessions, members will be exposed to different Online Product and Service Lines, detailed business requirements and necessary tools needed to execute any product line of business. Members can also come with any online business platforms that they are having difficulties with due to lack of skills and we will gladly help them revive the business.

And YES! The Coaching Sessions is completely FREE OF CHARGE courtesy of Able Hand For Women Initiative, an NGO investing in Social Entrepreneurship Programs.

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