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Hello People,

This will be our last time at Occum Pond for this winter, and we will end it with the traditional "Shinking Shuttle Relay".

For the shuttle relay we split into teams of 3-5, place half your team at the 400m mark and half at the start. The first runner starts, runs to 400m, tags his/her teammate, who runs back, tags, etc. Every time there is a tag, a team moves forward 10 steps, so the second leg is 390m, the 3rd leg 380m, etc until teammate converge (not collide) in the middle.

Afterwards we two event; Pub night (2nd Tuesday of the month) and an injury prevention clinic at Cioffredi at 7:15. I guess if you are well organized you can do everything!

Next week we will be at Hanover High!

I'll see you at the pond!