Edutainment Forums 2019 - How to Better Identify Fake News

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Our theme in this meeting is to learn about how fake news dupes so many people and how to better sort out fact from fiction. We will first select a group topic that has been in the news recently and agree on what we consider as true. After watching a few videos and fact checking we will determine truth from fiction.

Please consider listening to/watching one or more of the following in advance:
1- CNN/Eliza Mackintosh/Finland is winning the war on fake news... - article -
2- Fact Bar EDU/Fact-checking for educators and future voters - edited text -
3- EAVI/Beyond 'Fake News', 10 Types of Misleading Information
4- TEDxHarrisburg/Linda Beck/Fact Checking in a Fast-Paced...World- 17min
5- AVAAZ/Far Right Networks of Deception - slideshow text

Background info:
Edutainment Forum is a bi-weekly series that is intended to be eclectic and dedicated to educate with an entertainment flavor. A meeting theme will be announced before each meeting as will links to some videos related to that topic .
Discussion will start with introductions and an opportunity for each person to voice their personal view of the topic. As interest allows, we will stream one or more of those linked videos or others as suggested by participants with newcomers' preferences given priority. The videos should be limited to at most about 20 minutes each to have time to view the theme from different perspectives.
We will enjoy glorious discussion after each video, hopefully satisfying most questions and interests before moving on to the next. Toward the end of each session please feel free to request continuing the current topic or recommending a new one. Feedback comments are always appreciated as are suggestions for videos and future themes.