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This is what we're all about---->

Uptown Happenings Together (NYC) is the latest 'Men & Women Meet, Uptown! (NYC)' spin-off, with a slight twist, to round out the triptych. This time join a gathering of Uptowners who are into checking out art and culture together in Harlem and other Uptown enclaves, for more community, connection and conversation, now while going around and seeing good stuff in the neighborhood together.

From Jazz at the Triple Nickel, and keeping up with what's going on at the Schomberg Center, to checking out whatever they're showing at Maysles and the Thalia... we'll step into creaking old galleries in garden levels of brownstones -which I swear tell stories with that creaking alone, if you listen closely enough- and raw spaces with installations which require some of us to strain our brains a bit extra to tap into their avant garde messages; venture to quirky bookshops, and cultural centers tucked away here and there, offering what sometimes seems like a hodge podge of open-mic odysseys, hip-hop inspired psychedelia, meditation of any spiritual tradition you can think of, 'raw' soul food, all and sundry other kinds of poetry, prose and social commentary in the footsteps of any number of greats but reinterpreted for 2010; and try to connect with the many other patches of emerging cultural expression springing up all the time all around us, which are so easy to miss in the bustle of city living.

Uptown Happenings Together (NYC) is about staying in the neighborhood a little more, slowing down and engaging a little more. Trying to connect with a few new people who may be into some of the same things; and getting a little closer to the pulse of all that good energy we sometimes lose touch with, while going to and fro' and up and down at a dizzying pace just trying to live in this wonderful but often frenetic and decidedly hulking city..

Small print-----> Besides a one-time joining contribution of $5, most group events will be 'free' to sign up for.

Occasionally, events which require prior ticket purchase, group deposit, reservation of space or extensive pre-event organizing, will require pre-payment to cover cost of tickets, etc., and a small organizing fee ($2/person) at time of RSVP.

Special fund raising events may also be organized for which there would be slightly more substantial fees collected, to go to established and well-run charities or causes.

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Saturday, June 5th Mini-Happening!

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Sunday, February 28th Mini-Happening!

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