What we're about

We are growing in number in this city and love that our children are considered more and more typically American. We're proactively raising our children in social, educational and spiritual environments that are multicultural, or that affirm and celebrate the heritage of their parents. We understand some of the challenges our children will face and want to provide them with that strong sense of self that carries one through all events of life. We are Korean and African American, Chinese and Israeli, Japanese and Portuguese, African American and European American, Indian and Latino - And endless combinations of the human family. We want our children to appreciate multiple cultural perspectives, be multilingual, humanitarian, and peacemakers. What are the early childhood programs, schools, playgroups, religious institutions, and after school programs that serve our needs? Who are the nannies, baby-sitters, tutors, teachers that best nurture our aspirations for our children? How do we mediate television, story-books, and real-life social contradictions so as to equip our children to navigate these on their own? We will come together on and offline to share our knowledge, experiences and resources.

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