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We are queer folks meeting uptown to explore and socialize. Sometimes you don't want to head downtown to meet up with your queer brothers and sisters. This group will give us some reasons to stay uptown for social events such as meeting at a bar for drinks, going to someones house for game night or to meet up for some social event. We can also go exploring and check out some new uptown hangouts. Some people don't realize there is life above Midtown so lets show that there is.

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Explore Uptown
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I saw this in the NY Times and thought we could maybe pick a few to explore. I always like eating at one place and walking for a dessert at another. Wasn't sure how to talk with the group about this except to post a potential meet up. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/23/travel/36-hours-in-upper-manhattan.html?_r=0

Grab a drink and chat
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It is time to get together. I haven't started thawing but figure I better start moving before I freeze to death. I have been to this bar before and it is intimate but nice. I haven't eaten here but the smell of the food was amazing. Check out the website here: http://www.billiesblack.com/ I have a call into them to see what night is best for a group of 12-20. I'll schedule it as soon as I find out.

Chip in and lets meet up
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Hey everyone. We are glad you are a part of this group. We have so many more places uptown to explore. If you want to see this group grow we will need your help. Meetup has changed the way the groups work. It used to be that group leaders would pay 20.00 a month for up to three groups. I have paid that for the last couple of years. NOW it is 20.00 PER group. So this has tripled the price per month. Being a small business owner I am unable to cover the cost for this group myself. If you have had a fun time at previous meet ups or want to have fun at future meetups please hit the "chip in" button on the left side of the groups main page. Feel free to donate any amount from 1 buck to whatever. I can do a 6 month plan at 14.99/month which is what I would prefer to do. Let's chip in and move forward. I also want to remind people that if you are inspired to host a group meet up I encourage you to talk to me about putting it together. We are almost 400 people so I imagine a few of you want to host something at your favorite bar, club, bowling alley, theatre, house or wherever. We are a group of people spread out over the upper part of the city so no location is off limits. Hope to you soon at the next event. Sincerely, Wade & Sunny

Volleyball & Drinks
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Louis D Brandeis High School


The seasons are changing, but that doesn't mean we can't stay active. So let's get together and play volleyball. I attend open plays with NY Urban regularly. Would love to have others join. I will post exact dates later on, but please follow this thread if you are interested. Times - Friday 7pm-10:30pm or Saturday clinics (great for beginners who want to learn) 1:15pm-4:15pm NYUrban - more information about them can be found here on their website http://www.nyurban.com/volleyball/ Cost - $8 for beginners, $14 for intermediate. You will need to register on their website to reserve a spot! Skill Level - beginner to high intermediate. There are 3 courts to choose from. Wade will be on the beginner court, and I will be on the intermediate court (court 2). Post-Game Dinner/Drinks - Lot's of bars and restaurants on Amsterdam that we can go to post-game!

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