New York, NY

Joined group

May 12, 2015


Hello, my name is Kurtis, the organizer for the Uptown Gamers. I live in Washington Heights. Apart from board games, I am quite interested in film, books, and craft beer. Feel free to message me with any questions about our group!

What is your level of experience with tabletop games?

I'm a fairly experienced tabletop player; I've been pretty involved in the hobby for the past couple years. I prefer quite heavy games, but I enjoy most games overall. My favorite games include Manhattan Project, Bruges, Dead of Winter, Dungeon Petz, and many more!

What was the game which sparked your interest in this hobby?

I've played games for as long as I can remember, but I first became interested in what I like to call "advanced board games" after buying Carcassonne on a whim; after playing that, I realized that board games could be beautiful pieces of art as well as a hobby of great fun and strategy.

What is your favorite restaurant in New York City?

I really like Jacob's Pickle at this point, but a lesser known favorite of mine is Genesis Ecuadorian Restaurant in Inwood.

Do you have a Board Game Geek profile? If so, what is your user name?

Yes, my user name is RoseKurt; feel free to look me up!