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The Urantia Book teaches that through balance in our lives we are able to grow in spirit, and it does so in a way that makes sense in modern times. While fully embracing the scientific drive to learn about our material world, The Urantia Book urges people to reach up toward our creator while also reaching out toward our fellows to provide them with loving service.

Studying The Urantia Book has been one of the most formative experiences of my life, but complementary to that is time spent with people who share their thoughts and experiences that are formative to them. As such, our group is composed of people who believe in the revelation of the book as well as those who simply appreciate it for the thoughts that it provokes.

At Urantia Discussions, we ask ourselves questions such as:

• What is a religious experience?

• Why did God create an evolutionary planet?

• How does serving one’s fellows grow our spirits?

• What was the purpose of Jesus’ time on Earth?

• Why are people allowed to suffer?

• Do our personalities continue to grow after death?

The Urantia Book approaches these questions in a way that is eloquent, specific and reasonable, and it provides us with a great jumping off point for our discussions.

Alice's YouTube channel, Urantia Life Lessons, https://bit.ly/2Uq8ogH



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Evolution and the First Human Family

De Pere

There is no need for science and one's belief structure to be at odds with each other. The Urantia Book fully embraces evolution as God's method of development for this planet. Still, there comes a time within that evolution when primates make a sudden transition to that of human. From a celestial standpoint, that time is when creatures develop the ability to worship that which is mysterious. Who were the first humans? At this discussion group, we read about the first human family as told in The Urantia Book. You do not need to be familiar with The Urantia Book to attend. All people from all backgrounds are welcome to share their thoughts in conversation. A book will be provided. This discussion group is a wonderful opportunity to talk about things that don’t come up in normal conversation. I hope you will join us. **This discussion group takes place at the host's house. Please contact Alice Wood for her address.

Field Trip to an interfaith Thanksgiving service

St. Anne's Episcopal Church

Gathered in Faith Together is an interfaith group that organizes an annual Thanksgiving service. Join Urantia Discussions as we give thanks with them. Participating faiths include mainstream protestant Christian, Catholic, Quaker, Jewish, Buddhist, Unitarian, and folks from Green Bay's Friends of the Community Gardens. We'll find each other in the sanctuary beforehand so we can sit together, and afterward we may go out for socializing. If you're new, I'll message you to make sure that we have a more precise way of recognizing each other.

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Evolution and the First Human Family


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