SADHANA: 4:15am Spiritual Practice - Free

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Yep. This class happens at 4:15am in the morning. Ever done yoga that early? It is a powerful cleansing experience everyone should try at least once! Kundalini yoga is very different from Hatha in that it uses mantra chanting as well as repetitive movements to access and strengthen the core Kundalini energy found in everyone.

Sadhana is the daily practice of yoga and meditation that is practiced, ideally, during the early morning hours when our mind is clearest. Join the AC's dedicated sadhana group on Sundays for a transformative experience of body, mind, and spirit. Experience the techniques of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breathing, chanting, music, and relaxation to assist you in unlocking and releasing your inner creative energies. Feel the power of group energy and be part of the process.

Enter through the back door.

If you have never been to the Awareness Center ( please contact the studio prior to your visit to confirm the gathering is not canceled. [masked]

The greatest reward of doing sadhana (personal spiritual discipline) is that the person becomes incapable of being defeated. Sadhana is a self–victory, and it is a victory over time and space.
—Yogi Bhajan

There are guidelines for sadhana - but no rules. It is recommended to cover your head with a white cotton head covering. But please just come as you are and you will learn at your own pace and can make your own decision about what traditions you wish to observe or not. It is a very loving and safe space. Please tell the leader it is your first time and she/he will give you information and the Japji prayer booklet.
Here is a link for some general information about Sadhana from 3HO:
We observe the tradition but start at 4:15 am and do a couple things slightly different. It's easy to follow along.

Our Sadhana team comprises of longtime community members Guru Bachan Kaur, Sahib Singh, Ravjot Kaur and Sat Prem Kaur. As well as several other community members.