UPC Roundtable: Stock Market Investing


McGinty's Public House

911 Ellsworth Drive · Silver Spring

How to find us

We will be upstairs in the back near the mall entrance/exit. Call or text 667-401-1161 if you need help finding us

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Hey Folks,

For everyone who has reached out to me inquiring about the professional side (i.e. wealth-building side) of UPC, the time has come. This summer, UPC is launching a professional development series, and we want you to join us. The series will focus on strategies for developing personal wealth, while also developing a community of knowledgeable, like-minded, impactful young black professionals.

To kick off, our first topic will focus on investing in the stock market, a common practice among the long term wealth-minded and a process that has greatly reduced its barrier to entry over the years. Today, pretty much anyone with $5 and a smart phone can invest in the stock market. It is so simple, yet most of us ("us" meaning Americans in general) lack the experience and exposure to move forward.

How can I get started? How much do I need? Are there risks? How do I research a company? What is a stock option? What are futures? What strategies are out there? Is there anything I should be doing before I invest? Do I need a broker? Can somebody please hold my hand?!!!?

The goal of this discussion will be to familiarize everyone with the process and give us all an opportunity to ask and answer questions. This will not be a pitch, workshop, or "info session". This will be a conversation amongst members of this community, some who own stocks and actively invest, many who do not, and the rest of us who don't even know what the heck a stock is! Also, don't worry, I will be strategically pulling in certain individuals in my network, some in the group and some not, with particular knowledge on the subject. Do you know a practitioner or two? Or are you quite experienced yourself? Please reach out!

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be offering investment advice because we are not licensed to do so. We can't and won't tell you which companies to invest in or whether to buy/sell/hold any security. We will simply provide clarity to the overall process.

Need more info? Please read the series description below. Any further questions? Please don't hesitate to ask in the comments or send me a personal message. I am more than willing to edit this description for more clarity.

I hope to see you there.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: RSVP for this event will not open up until a couple of weeks prior to the event. I will announce when it opens up, so please be on the lookout. Also be aware that there will be a small fee for attendance to cover booking costs. This will also ensure that we have a reasonably sized attendance.


Each month, UPC will host a new discussion about one of the below topics. We may also mix in a few extra topics to keep things interesting. In addition, there will be opportunities to launch small mastermind groups to run in parallel with the series and extend anywhere from 3 to 8 months in duration. The best way to find out about these will be via personal request or by networking with members. Masterminds will not be posted on this site.

The series topics will be as follows:
- Stock Market Investing
- Buying Black and Keeping It in the Family
- Home Ownership & Real Estate Investing
- Black Banking
- Launching Your Own Business

What to expect:
- If you've ever been to a UPC event, you have experienced our laid back, communal, and fun style. We will be carrying that same energy with our professional series.
- Roundtable discussions will be held at various venues around the city, typically close to Silver Spring. We will begin at 6 PM and run until about 8, starting with a brief social period for attendees and practitioners to meet one another.
- Roundtable discussions will include contributions from practicing professionals in the field of discussion. These will not be speeches, pitches, or workshops where a guru comes in and tries to sell you something. Instead, we prefer a genuine and lite social setting where we all sit, eat, drink, and discuss things that truly matter to us and our future generations. Come prepared with questions or even send them in advance. The conversation will be somewhat curated to ensure everyone gets optimal value from this, but everyone will be encouraged to speak up and contribute!
- Because these professionals are offering their valuable time, and because our venues will often charge a base fee for private events, there will be a small fee to attend, anywhere from $10 to $35, depending on the venue and expected attendance. This fee will be used to cover those accommodations as well as the practitioners' meals.

Sound like something cool, interesting, needed? Good, then sign up! If you're still not sure? Come attend one of our monthly social hours or quarterly game Night, and I'm sure you will be convinced.

Look forward to meeting you!