NAKED YOGA FOR MEN: Teacher is Manuel Quintana:

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In this day in age, we all need to practice greater acceptance. It’s painful to see the judgment that people pass on others, especially when they know nothing about them. Far too many of us walk around acting like little stress balls, ready to explode. This is where Naked Yoga comes into play.
As we learn to practice self-love and focus on what truly matters, the anxiety and stress surrounding everyday life melt away. When you’re transitioning from one posture to the next, in your most natural form, you will begin to experience true psychological benefits.
Once you learn to love yourself, you can pass on that compassion to others. When you accept yourself for who you are, negative thoughts vanish. If you can relate to this, embracing your innermost self, pass that feeling on. We need more people to spread feelings of love and acceptance, diminishing thoughts and actions of hate.
Try Naked Yoga to enhance the benefits of this ancient practice. Free yourself from limitations, and your clothing!

Gentle yoga flow for stress relief and deep relaxation appropriate for all levels. In this 60-minute calming yoga practice, we focus on lengthening through the postures while enjoying the breath and the movements. After this yoga class, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

• Cell Phones: Cell phones are strictly prohibited while clothes are off, including after class. Please turn your ringer off! If you need to check your phone while anyone is naked, please put on clothes and exit the studio.
• No Latecomers: The doors will be locked when it’s time to undress.
• Bring a mat: I strongly encourage you to bring your own mat, but the studio has a limited number available to rent for $2.
• Drop-in: $20 at the door, cash only.
For private lesson requests, email [masked]

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