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Hello, everyone, and welcome to our group! I will introduce both myself and the group (with our new mission and vision) and I sure hope to hear from you about it! :)

This is a group for people interested in surviving bad times. May it be natural disasters, man-made chaotic (and criminal) times or if you simply believe in the book of revelations then all of the above! it doesn't matter much which event happens, either way, and whatever happens, we will all need food, water, shelter, to treat our wounds and prevent infections... etc!

We believe that knowing what our forefathers knew is essential for our survival and the wellbeing of our children. Our forefathers sure knew many things they never needed to actually do; for example, even those who didn't own a horse knew how to ride one (to name one thing) yet nobody called them crazy for knowing that which they do not do, or need, on daily basis.

From the same perspective we prepare and learn, and gear up, and then we go on with our daily life. If that day comes, we hope to be ready for it, and if it doesn't, personally I'd be the happiest man in the world! :) How would you feel if nothing wrong ever happens to all of us?? (damn right!).

I am a prepper, who comes from a family of preppers, who lived in a village of preppers, who never called themselves preppers at all. In our pantry, there was always enough food to get us through the winter. Meet, treated in different ways, dried fruits, beans, rice, flour, etc... And my grandma used to wake up way too early before anyone and make the dough and bake us things and make bread. Not because there were no supermarkets to buy our food, but because her grandchildren just loved that what she did and she just loved us enough to make the effort. And so did all the grandmas of our small town...

Just two generations back, everyone was what we try to be.

Just two generations back, no one would starve if ATM machines suddenly die!

Personally, I love doing all that, it reminds me of my grandma, and I want to relay that to my children and grandchildren. I don't care if Walmart is open, I prefer to live like my parents did.

And our mission in this group is to help each other and educate each other and create experiences together so we would all be self-reliant to the highest degree possible. If for nothing else, at least for the peace of mind that comes from it, and for the joy of hunting with our children and baking them a tasty breakfast around a campfire!

My main strength is first aid, emergency response, and disaster relief. In that, I am world class. I have worked with mine clearance companies and the Red Cross in war zones for over a decade and I was a trainer of trainers in the matters of EMT basic and EMT advanced (i trained the trainers of the guys you see in our regular ambulances). So you can count on me with that!

I would LOVE to talk about first aid and disease prevention, but only if you want to hear about it.

Otherwise, who has a great skill and would like to share it with the rest of us (or knows somebody who does), our meetup is open to everyone.

Who would like to name something that they need to learn? Also, let me know and I will arrange for it!

I am happy to see all those who are here and can't wait to welcome those who will someday join, and I hope to see everyone in every meeting so that we can learn together and prosper and have fun!

Truly yours,


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