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Last Minute 12-21-12 Prepping

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So, honestly, I don't think that the world will actually end on the 21st, however since I do label myself as a prepper, I'm open to the possibility that it could. So I would like to get together and go through a list of all the ways the world may be ending, and what we can do to get as prepared as possible as quickly as possible to make sure that we all make it through this perhaps-impending-apocalypse.

This will be part presentation and part group interaction. I know that there are a lot of people in this group with fantastic information that they want to share, so If anyone would also like some time to present as well please email me at, or chat with me at the Social meetup on Sunday, and I will work it into the schedule.


If S does happen to HTF on the 21st and you haven't had the chance to secure a fortified bug out location, chances are you will need to be prepared to bug in. This meetup will be a detailed look at how to best ready your current residence, family, and loved ones for anything that could keep you home for quite some time. Bring what ever gear you like for some show and tell, we will have time to compare notes and ask plenty of questions.

As always there is no charge for this meetup, I can't wait to see you all there!