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“A mystical approach to Judaism is…less dogmatic and more experimental. It doesn’t have a low ceiling, capping the mind and frustrating its desire to unify in love and awe with a vital, living universe. It is open minded, open souled. It says, ‘Try this. If you feel it as a living reality, we’re getting somewhere.’”

Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi zt”l

This is an incredibly exciting time to be Jewish! As the paradigms shift, it is becoming increasingly clear that much of Judaism is rapidly evolving into a community more attuned to the inner life and focused on awakening, that is, the expansion of consciousness.

Uri! Uri! Awaken! Awaken! A Community of Spiritual Seekers (for Jews and Non-Jews), now emerging in Flatbush (Brooklyn), is a part of this exciting transition, and we invite you into our experimental boat!

Come chant, dance, drum, and meditate with us! Grab an oar!

But first, email us, so we can have a cup of tea together!

May your Light increase!

Stay blessed and be well.

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