Product vs Agency: A Designer's career journey

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60 Khyber Pass Rd

60 Khyber Pass Rd · Auckland

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In a Designer's career, the type of work opportunities usually goes between working on a company's product and working for services via an agency or consultancy.

We are pleased that Vista Entertainment Solutions ( is sponsoring our event this month at their offices at 60 Khyber Pass Road in Grafton with pizza and drinks. (please indicate at sign up what type you like such as gluten free, vegetarian, vegan options besides the carnivores).

Also, if any of you are driving in, please let me know as there is parking available should you need it. Otherwise, public transport is the way to go.

The Details so far....

We will have a panel discussion about design life within these two typical scenarios of product vs agency. If you have questions, please leave them in the post as you sign up.

Panelist include:

Phil Cockrell - UX Lead at Serato (

Phil's the UX Lead at Serato, maker of the world’s simplest and most powerful music software. In 7 years at Serato he has seen a few products launch - some have succeeded and some have not. He also completed a Masters of Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship through the University of Auckland to learn about turning ideas into real things, and is a founder of the wine maturation company - Wine Grenade.”

Fredrik Bergstrom - Managing Director of Osynlig NZ (

Fredrik is Managing Director of Osynlig New Zealand, the antipodean arm of an international design agency focused on creating engaging digital experiences that people like to use. He has received several awards for interactive design and is a board member and partner of Visitor Toolbox AB, which creates innovative digital interfaces for museums, information centres, showrooms and exhibitions.

Along with his expertise in interactive displays, usability and accessibility, Fredrik is experienced in digital strategy and research, responsive design solutions and Agile project management.

A design sprint/hackathon enthusiast, Frederik was part of a team that grabbed top honours at the 2015 Landcare Research Nature Hack, taking out the Callaghan Innovation Award with their Airbnbee concept, which connects landowners with beekeepers.

Patricia Tan - UX Designer at a UX consultancy Purple Shirt (

Patricia is a designer at UX consultancy Purple Shirt, where she has been cutting her teeth on a diverse range of client projects over the past year. From her early days as a UX intern at Air New Zealand to an in-house role designing product features for e-learning company Education Perfect, she’s had the opportunity to see both sides of the Product-Agency divide from the perspective of a young designer who wants nothing more than to get down and dirty with a good business challenge and see the impact of design come to life.