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We fight for the user! UX design isn't merely strategizing what we think a great user experience might consist of. It's about actually validating those assumptions through ideation, prototyping and testing interactively with real users. It's about minimal but incremental build cycles with fast feedback loops and lots of learning. Why spend months or years building a product to ultimately discover that users dislike it? Why not just build something you know users will love from the beginning?

No matter who you are or what you do, UX practices are crucial to understand and constantly engage in. We're a community of cross-functional user-centered designers, developers, product managers, innovators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are eager to ideate, innovate and create products that users love.

Whether you work as part of an existing team or you're looking for a place to start with an idea of your own, no matter what the idea is, this is the place for you to learn and share in the emergent practices of user experience design and grok the process of lean product development. No sensible entrepreneur, business leader, project or product manager, designer, developer or other team player should be without the knowledge of current UX practices. Nor should we neglect the lean & agile methodologies that successfully aid in rapid product ideation and validation that lead to the design and development of products users love. In our eyes everything is a product. So let's collaborate, motivate and encourage each other to build great products!

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