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The Integration Of UCD (User Centered Design) Model and Agile Methodology

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We are back again with our monthly meetup. We hope you had a wonderful Eid vacation.

As you know we love our users, and if you care about the usability of products and services too, you’ve come to the right place. We will teach you how to incorporate your users into your Agile development methodologies.

But wait :) There's more! We will run a live usability testing session on a sports applications during the meetup.

Meet us on the 25th of September and learn about the following:

What are the features of Agile software development? (how to deliver high quality projects in a short period of time).
How user involvement in the development methodologies can result in a high return on investment in the long term.
How to integrate UCD (User Centered Design) as part of an agile development methodology.
Highlight the importance of this integration as well as its challenges.
Gain insights on the process of running usability tests and how to document and prioritize the results through our live testing session.

Don’t miss this valued opportunity :)

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Can you host the next meetup?
If you've got a large venue in your company that can host or sponsor more than 100 people in the evening, please send me a private message as the group’s numbers have outgrown our offices. You can also email me at [masked] Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting you soon at the next UX & Design Riyadh community meetup.

Who is this for: This particular meetup is aimed at new members of the group, product managers, project managers, startup entrepreneurs, designers and developers who are new to usability testing.