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This group was initially set up to focus on weight loss but since its birth there have been requests for various workshops that address different interests and issues. EFT & Hypnosis are two of the most powerful and efficient modalities out there that can help with PTSD, binge eating, cravings, phobias, addictions, relationship issues, and lack of success in financial and business affairs. And then replacing them with health, joy, success, fantastic relationships, abundance and prosperity.

Experts say that anywhere between 91 & 98 percent of our decisions and choices are made by the unconscious mind. And those are from programming from prior to birth up to present time, most of which is from birth to 6 years old! Are you where you want to be, making the money you'd like to be making, in the relationship you'd like to be in, in the house of your dreams?

There will be many workshops offered here covering many subjects. If you don't see what you need, contact me and request something! I'm sure the are others that would like to address those same interests. I also offer private sessions. Contact me for more information.

Valerie Newell is a Master Certified Hypnotic Coach, EFT Practitioner and studied nutrition and psychology for over 30 years. You can contact her at 303-484-8641, 720-270-1990 or email ovalphoenix@gmail.com

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