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We are NOT a beginner MTB group! You should be at least intermediate skill and fitness to keep up with our ride pace. There are other MTB groups more suited for beginners and riders getting back into shape. Consider us the "Black and Blue Division" of Utah MTB Meetup!

We are a good group for people who are looking for riding partners, since a lot of folks don't like riding alone (I don't!). We keep our groups smaller to minimize impact on the trails and with other trail users. We also do this to tailor the ride levels. In this group, we rate rides based on technical difficulty, AND a separate rating for fitness. Rides will have distance and vertical feet estimated, so you can gauge if it's something you can handle without killing yourself, or being bored.

Also, we recommend that our group members use Strava (a free phone app), so you can use it to track your progress, and to see how you "match up" with members of our group.

Our Strava Group Page is at


Note that we are NOT a group of hard core ex-racers who normal folks like us cannot keep up with, riding "Race pace" every time out. We are also not the group to join if you are a beginner! We are somewhere in the middle, and know how to ride hard, but sometimes we also like to smell the flowers!

That being said, we are VERY prompt. If the ride says we roll at 9am, at 9:01 we are not there any more, even if someone is missing. We won't hold the group up for someone who is late. If you want to ride, act like it and be on time!

If there is a ride you want to do, even if it's a ride you haven't done, but want to, feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can put it on the calendar.

DISCLAIMER ***The Organizer and Assistant Organizers in this group are NOT professional guides. The function of the organizer(s) is only to organize the meetup. Each person who signs up for a trip/meetup/outing is responsible for his or her own safety. By signing up for an event organized by this group, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any outdoor activity and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards. In addition, you further agree to release and discharge the Organizer and Assistant Organizers of the Utah Mountain Biking, Intermediate and Advanced, Trail and Fat Meetup from and against any and all liability arising from your participation in the group activities.***

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SHUTTLE MONKEYS: Tanner and Quarry, Little Cottonwood Canyon P&R, 5pm

Little Cottonwood Park and Ride


Last week we had a riot, so let's do it again! Please bring $5 for gas money for the shuttle car(s). We will meet and get organized at the LCC Park & Ride at 5pm. The plan is to take turns driving (1 drive = 2-3 runs), depending on how many sign up. We'll shuttle the section from Tanner's down to the power plant at Wasatch Resort. Lapping the gnar will dial in our lines and build the skill quickly! This ride is intermediate fitness, and advanced/expert technical. It something sketches you out, simply walk. There are some advanced sections which are optional, we can discuss and see if anyone is up to it. This ride is completed in ~3hrs of riding time. What gear to bring? (https://www.meetup.com/Utah-Mountain-Biking-Meetup-Intermediate-and-Advanced/messages/boards/thread/50921842/)

Mormon Trail EAST, Intermediate fitness/tech; 13mi/1600'

Mormon Flats Campground

Be at the Mormon Flats lot READY TO RIDE at 4:50pm. We roll by 5pm. This lot is around 30min from SLC, plan accordingly. This is a great out and back that a lot of folks haven't done. Right now it's PRIME, just having gotten some rain for the heros! This is the section EAST of the summit. Most folks have done the Western portion from Little Dell Reservoir, AKA "Big Mountain Trail". This section has a lot less traffic on it (and the riding is much better IMO). This ride starts gradually, and gets steeper the higher we go. It runs next to a creek, parts of the trail are narrow! Balance and precision, with only embarrassment if you fail (no danger at all). The narrow parts are only around 200m of the entire ride, and easily walkable if necessary. The ride begins with a gentle 2-3% grade. Don't fret, only the last 1/2 mile is wheeze territory, with grades of 12%, ending at a heart attacking 20% at the summit (Mormon Puke Hill). Can you clean it? Rest and re-fuel, and have a fun descent back to the cars with the sun at our backs! For reference I normally bring 40-60oz of water for this ride, and have a little left over when I'm done, depending on how warm it is. What gear to bring? (https://www.meetup.com/Utah-Mountain-Biking-Meetup-Intermediate-and-Advanced/messages/boards/thread/50921842/)

Green River, WY Mountain Bike Festival (ALL DAY EVENT)

FMC Red Barn


We are going to Green River, Wyoming, for their MTB festival! I'll be heading down Friday afternoon to do their traditional "night ride" with lights (a totally different experience). The event is actually Saturday. Friday 6pm Hit the skills park (skinnys, wood trestles, drops, jumps, bridges, rock wall ride, etc. This is around an hour of playing around. Dinner Night ride (just after sun down; BRING LIGHTS!) Saturday ~9:30am Morning ride Lunch After-lunch ride This is a youtube video of last year's event https://youtu.be/-7JEWHCTr7c There are a lot of wooden features, and good stuff for every one. It's a low-key event, with a lot of greens and blues. Limited black terrain; blacks are typically side-lines, with the primary line being easier. No "Death Gnar" at this event! Ride, play around at the "feature", then go to the next one. Rinse, repeat! https://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-trails/bike-parks-green-river-wy-and-bend-or/ https://www.trailforks.com/region/green-river-86411/ There is no camping near by, but hotels are CHEAP. Personally I'm going to go there Friday afternoon, do a night ride and dirt-bag camp then hit the pancake breakfast. I have a couple spots in my van for carpooling. What gear to bring? (https://www.meetup.com/Utah-Mountain-Biking-Meetup-Intermediate-and-Advanced/messages/boards/thread/50921842/)

Snowbasin XC Tour (Intermediate Technical, Advanced Fitness), 20mi/3300'

Wheeler Creek Trailhead just below Pineview Dam

Be at the Trailhead READY TO RIDE at 8:00am. I'll be there at 7:50am. It's 50min from Murray, UT to the trail head. This is our first "Big Ride" of 2020! This ride is ~3200' Climbing and 20 miles total riding. This is a "front loaded" ride, where all the climbing is in the beginning. We actually do half, then get a couple miles of XC, and a mile of descending, climb another 3-400' up then take a break to re-fuel and hydrate before the final 1000' of the climb. Most of the climbing is a manageable grade, only a couple sections of "gut busting". There is a 200' optional climb 2/3 of the way thru, which hits the Ogden overlook. It's worth doing, but is a spur and is optional, it only takes 20 minutes out and back, and that includes the pictures. After that spur, we climb the last 400' to the top, and begin one of the best descents in Utah! Fast and flowy, we do this ride early because the trail is mostly empty at this time. It does get crowded later! After an exhilarating descent, there are 2 choices; the advanced crew will hit "Icebox Canyon", which is steep, technical, 400' down, very similar to Rattlesnake Gulch in Mill Creek Canyon. Icebox is a hoot! However, if that is too much gnar, there is an easy ride around route, which only takes a couple minutes longer to the same exit, then we coast back to the cars. For reference I normally bring[masked]oz of water for this ride, and have a little left over when I'm done, depending on how warm it is. This ride is completed in ~3 hours riding time, usually 4-4.5hrs including our breaks. We are NOT "charging" on this ride today! If folks are up to it, we can grab lunch after the ride is completed! What gear to bring? (https://www.meetup.com/Utah-Mountain-Biking-Meetup-Intermediate-and-Advanced/messages/boards/thread/50921842/)

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