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Our team has had A LOT of inquiries about personal branding. I believe this quote says it best, "You are the best brand, make it outstanding." - Bjarney Ludviksdottir. Career choices, businesses, and partners change all the time, but the one thing that will stay with you forever is your PERSONAL BRAND!

So we've decided to put on a free workshop/training where we discuss and share some of our most popular techniques in building and improving your personal brand. This workshop is great for everyone, however it would be particularly useful for Business Coaches, Business leaders or managers, Entrepreneurs, Professional Networkers, and Influencers.

Some of the topics we will discuss:

- What is a personal brand? Why is it so important?
- How to position yourself and your brand effectively in your industry and market
- How to market oneself on digital platforms
- What content you should be focusing on
- What does a personal brand include
- How to effectively network on digital platforms
- Digital marketing overview for professionals
- and more!

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Personal Branding - Stand Out And Market Yourself In The Digital World

Our last meetup was a BLAST! We enjoyed listening to several guest speakers share their expertise on topics such as branding/photography, telling your story on digital platforms and understanding your value propositions as an individual. This seminar/workshop we will have THREE new guest experts, discussing topics such as: Emotional Intelligence, Marketing your personal brand on social media, how to grow your following, revamping your digital image, and more! This seminar is FREE!!! - Come early to network and eat pizza 🍕👍 - Invite guests, friends, colleagues etc - Bring business cards so we can get to know you - Stay after to ask questions and meet with the experts This is a great opportunity, built to support business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, well... EVERYONE! See you all then!

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Personal Brand Seminar - How To Grow Your Personal Brand

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