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Guest Speaker - Flash Photographer Conor Barry

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We are pleased to announce that our guest speaker for this coming Thursday is Conor Barry.

From Conor: As I’ve worn a handful of different photographic hats, so to speak, I’ve learned to incorporate flash into all the different kinds of work I do—from landscapes and adventure photos to on-location portraits and studio work. Off-camera flash doesn't need to be overly complicated in order to be successful. I’ll be sharing with you my flash workflow as well as a discussion on the gear I use to get the job done. We will be covering topics like when to use flash, how to get the flash off camera and high-speed sync.

Conor's bio:

Photographer—Adventurer—Ex-Boy Scout

Growing up in Salt Lake City, UT I was naturally drawn to the mountains. They have surrounded me my whole life. They have shaped who I am today. They have instilled in me a sense of adventure and exploration. Not only are they my playground, they are my source of inspiration. They are my muse.

Luckily my photographic career has enabled me to work (it feels so much like play I don't know if I can really call it work) in those mountains that framed my early life. When I'm not on assignment, I'm out chasing some sort of adventure. As I'm wrapping up a degree in Biology at the University of Utah, I've found an immense fascination with all the intricacies that make life so beautiful. That passion for life what I try to incorporate into my images—true, authentic moments that define what it means to be alive.

Mr. Muir couldn't have said it any better. "The mountains are calling and I must go."