Water Bash Party #2


Time to host the 2nd water bash party! Last one two years ago went over very well so let’s get excited for another!

This is a free meet however everything I’m bringing wasn’t. Any donations towards the event would be amazing.

We will not be reserving a pavilion as I do have a large over head canopy and a table I will bringing.
I’ll have an even bigger ball pit as well as even more water balloons!!
The park does seem to have some water hookups however I will be confirming that myself.
There will be inflatable toys and bubbles for fursuit pictures- so yes, fursuits are encouraged!!

This will also be an event for a potluck. Because I’ll be spending a lot of money towards the entertainment I’ll be relying more on attendees to bring food. There will be snacks and waters I will provide however they are only to supplement.

If you plan on getting wet I would suggest bringing a couple towels and/or dry clothes. We will have a safe space to store your suits if necessary under our canopy.

Depending on weather, location and day may change however there will be notification as far in advance.

I expect everyone attending to be treating all toys, furniture and entertainment with respect.

Feel free to ask my any questions if need be.

Host: Thea Terrillion (t.me/onehossshow)
Location: Veterans memorial park (1985 W 7800 W, West Jordan, Utah 84088)
Time: Saturday, August 17th 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Fursuit: Yes!