Salt Lake City, UT

Joined group

Feb 23, 2018

Are you a furry? Are you interested in becoming a member of the furry fandom? Or, are you furry friendly? Please describe in a sentence what and why.

I have been furry since I can remember. That being said, I have only recently become open about it and somewhat corrupted my friends. I am hoping to get to know more local furries though meetups

Do you live in Utah?

Yes, I live in West Jordan

Were you referred to the group? If so, who?

Nope. I have been looking for a few groups since I want to get to know some furries before I attend my first furcon at AWU this year

Are you at leat 16 years or older? Minimum age to join the group is 16 with a signed parental consent form.

Yes I am 21