What we're about

We play and discuss any and all types of roleplaying games! Join the conversation our Discord server: https://discord.gg/HmCpBbY

While many of our members were first exposed to roleplaying through Dungeon & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other mainstream games, we aim to shine a light on games ranging from Apocalypse World (and games Powered by the Apocalypse) to Call of Cthulhu to TinyD6 and King Arthur Pendragon.

Our members have played and run such diverse games as:

• Blades in the Dark
• Burning Wheel
• Many varieties of PbtA games
• Tiny Dungeon, Tiny Frontiers, Tiny Supers
• Fate
• Traveller
• King Arthur Pendragon
• The One Ring (and Adventures in Middle Earth)
• Tails of Equestria (My Little Pony Roleplaying)
• Ironsworn
• Tales From the Loop (and other Mutant Year Zero based games)
• OSR games
• D&D/Pathfinder

And much more!

Upcoming events (2)

King Arthur Pendragon One-Shot Adventure (RESCHEDULED TO 9/27)

Courtly intrigue meets valorous duty with a touch of fae magic nipping at your heels. Pendragon is one of my favorite RPGs to run/play. Come find out why! Location: TBD (South Salt Lake County or North Utah County)

URPG @ Evermore Theme Park (live-action RPG quest experience)

URPG is planning an excursion to Evermore Theme Park on October 19! ***Please wait to purchase tickets until this event is confirmed.*** Our event in August was so much fun, we're doing it again in October. I hear that this storyline has spooky creatures that come out after dark. What is Evermore, you ask? Here's a review and video tour: https://www.newspapermom.com/evermore-park-utah Tickets are adults $22, children $11. Costumes are welcome but not required. **Please** join our Discord server and install the app prior to this event so we can coordinate while at the park. For the link to our server, see the About page for this meetup group. We'll use the #events-coordination channel. The Evermore website has more info, including costume restrictions (specifically, no masks or weapons): https://www.evermore.com Also, once this event is confirmed, I strongly encourage you to purchase your ticket and sign your waiver online before you arrive. This will get you into the park much faster. See you all in October! ------ Evermore Park is an experience park where guests of all ages can escape to a new realm — the village of Evermore, a fantasy European hamlet of imagination. Choose to join the knights, hunters, dragon trainers, or elven rangers on story quests. Engage with baby dragons. Or just sit back and enjoy savory food and treats as the world unfolds around you. Step through the magical portal of Evermore, and be the hero!

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