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Hi guys, sorry for the inconvenience, but we have to reschedule this meetup to the 9th of July due to the availability of the speakers. Hope you can still make it!

Last meetup before the summer kicks in!

18:30 - Food & drinks
19:15 - Hugh Kennedy: Introduction to GLSLify
20:00 - Short break
20:15 - Luca Maraschi: The Magic Dump - when something in Node goes wrong
21:00 - Drinks

Hugh Kennedy: Introduction to GLSLify

At the core of WebGL is GLSL, a domain-specific language that allows you to write code leveraging the power of your graphics card for super speedy rendering of countless triangles and/or pixels.

glslify ( adds a Node.js-like module system on top of the language, so you can create and consume community packages on npm with GLSL as easily as you can with JavaScript. This is an introduction to how glslify works, why you’d want to use it, and what’s possible using the tool.

Luca Maraschi: The Magic dump - when something in Node goes wrong

3AM, production down. The door of the war room opens and the walls are covered by screens showing the terrible scene of machines going in memory overflow and dying. Which strategy to use? Where to start?

A real life learning and list of practices/processes that I adopted when I was in that war room. The goal for the attendees of this talk is to learn and discover how to trace and analyse a node process: a journey which will take them from DTrace to post-mortem analysis with MDB, using a real case scenario and following the path that I did while searching for that (before) unknown reason of suddenly crashing our node services.