What we're about

V Stars are part of a community taking positive actions to ‘be the change’ we would like to see in the world. This Meetup connects like-minded people to share ideas to help us live in harmony: I. Through PLANT based NUTRITION for the BODY & MIND II. Through SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT III. Through CARING for ANIMALS IV. Through building better COMMUNITIES V. By having FUN with it all! So Why V Star? V - We encourage a vibrant life with plant based nutrition and lifestyle/ You are the STAR, when you are shining and following your bliss. We meet regularly at restaurants, private venues, and outdoor locations for social catch-ups. We actively find and support support sustainable restaurants. Best of all, we respect each members' choices equally.

Past events (2)

Dinner & Catchup

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen Restaurant

World comes to KL to celebrate World Veg Festival

Putra World Trade Center

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