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Every week on Tuesday

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In addition to attendees from MeetUp, we have between 15 - 25 regular VATS members who meet every Tuesday evening at the Bowling Club House which is in the grounds of the Bryanston Country Club. Drive to the back of the car park and the clubhouse is just in front of you. Our tastings start sharp at 19:30.

Please remember to bring your own wine glasses, six to eight if possible, for comparative tastings. Glasses available at R12.50 each.


- Membership fees are R150.00 per year.

- Members pay R50.00 for a normal tasting and R90.00 if they are a couple (i.e. married/partners not just friends arriving together).

- Visitors / non-members are welcome at R100.00 for our normal tastings .

Each week we have a different presenter and theme to add variety and interest to our programme.

A couple of ground rules to remember:

It’s best NOT to drink water between glasses of wine (unless you're really thirsty) – water rinses the mouth too clean, and can leave a taste of chlorine or bleach in your mouth. It's not necessary to rinse your glass between wines of the same colour, but do rinse if you change from red to white wine, so as not to tint the colour of the white wine with the leftover drops of red wine. Hold the wine glass by the foot or the stem, never the bowl of the glass. If you hold it by the bowl, you cannot see the wine, and you will also heat the wine, which will change it’s characteristics.

Taste silently and note your impressions. You'll share them later with your colleagues, but for now you don't want to be influenced by their reactions, you want to note YOUR reactions. Trust your initial reactions, they are usually the most accurate. Use simple words. Leave the snobby wine jargon for the snobs.

There are NO wrong answers! Everyone has their own perceptions, and there is usually a good reason if you come up with an aroma or a taste that no one else came up with. Go with your gut, and know that the more you taste, the more precise your responses will become.

There are three basic steps to tasting wine :

1. The Look of the wine

2. The Smell of the wine (also called the Nose)

3. The Taste of the wine

and the culmination of the tasting: The Evaluation of the Wine.

Aims and Objectives:

The club shall be a non-profit organisation of voluntary association.

The name of the club is the `VATS Wine Club'.

The aim of the club is to:

Provide a forum for members to taste and discuss wines and other beverages on an amiable basis.

Educate members in the knowledge and enjoyment of wine and the etiquette and procedures for tasting.

Provide closer links between the producers or distributors, and the consumers who enjoy their wines.

To provide closer social links, wherever possible, between the members through the sharing of wine related experiences.

To provide closer social links with other like-minded wine clubs.

The club shall correspond with members via email and the Internet.


The meetings of the club are open to members of good standing on payment of a tasting fee and provided there is capacity

Visitors are allowed where there is capacity, on payment of the visitor fee. Visitors should supply their own tasting glasses or can purchase them from the treasurer if available.

Members should bring tasting glasses, for themselves and for their visitors.

Where a tasting is likely to be popular or expensive for the club, or where there is limited availability of the wines, the tasting co-ordinator can make it a booked tasting and adjust the normal tasting and visitor fees accordingly.

When a tasting is a booked tasting, then members and or visitors shall book via email and members will be given preference for attendance over visitors. Once bookings have closed, members will be held liable for the tasting fee even if they cancel or do not attend, the available capacity will be opened to visitors. Members who arrive at a booked tasting without prior booking may be charged the visitors fee at the discretion of the Treasurer.


Membership is open to people over the age of 18 and subject to acceptance by the committee.

Annual subscriptions shall be levied at a rate determined by the committee, and shall be valid for the calendar year.

Members shall be of good standing only if all subscriptions and fees due, are paid.

Membership may be revoked by the committee if a member behaves in a way which is in conflict with the aims of the club. Any annual subscriptions paid will be refunded pro-rata on request.

Members are responsible for maintaining their membership of the email list and for keeping their contact details up to date with the secretary.

In recognition for services to the club, honorary membership may be proposed for any member, to be approved at the AGM. Honorary members will not be liable for annual subscriptions. A list of honorary members will be maintained by the secretary. Honorary membership will be for a year at a time.

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