Powered by Plants and Piano. A SPECIAL Conversation Dinner!

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We're super excited to hold our next event: "Conversation Dinner: Powered by Plants and Piano". This will also be a Christmas holiday-themed magical evening!

NOTE: There's only space for 10 people at these events.

Join us for a beautiful, calming experience on the evening of Sunday, November 26 where we combine delicious plant-based foods (vegan and contributed by all attendees), fabulous people and an extraordinary musical experience provided by host, pianist, and composer, Craig Addy.

"What an amazing evening of yummy food and great people! Thank you, Laura, for organizing such a great event. The music was wonderful - thank you, Craig, for expressing so beautifully the essence of what people shared." - Anne Pustil, Therapist and Coach - Coaching in a Nutshell

"What a magical evening!! Thank you, Craig and Laura. Loved meeting everyone." - Shirlee Bucknall

REGISTER HERE > (https://www.meetup.com/VEGAN-Vancouver/events/244133207/)

The dinner will be at the home of Craig Addy, a professional, classically-trained pianist who is also gifted in musical improvisation.

PLUS, Craig has a vegan, plant-based success story! Over the last year and a half, Craig has transformed his life and body by starting a plant-based diet and we're thrilled he's going to share some of his success story along with his incredible musical talent. (More below)

These events are VEGAN, plant-based potluck. Usually, we have a food theme for the event - i.e. type of food / ethnic, but for this event, we'll be adding a special Christmas, holiday-themed experience for the evening!

(***Keep in mind this is also an extraordinary Christmas gift idea for a friend!***)


"You will have the opportunity to create ideas in conversation that then inspire a spontaneous piano improvisation just for you, as you lie under the piano. "

See the bio below for details on Craig's Under the Piano".



Vancouver pianist and composer Craig Addy was born in 1962 and has been improvising at the piano since he was a child. He has two music degrees: A B.Mus from the University of British Columbia and an ARCT Performer’s Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

As a young teenager, he used to lie under the piano while his mother played beautiful classical music. A recent visit to Showcase Pianos gave Craig an opportunity to get under a piano again. It had been over 30 years. The power of his teen experience came flooding back, but this time with a conscious awareness of the effects the vibrations were having on his entire body.

Craig combined his unique improvisational artistry with the experience of lying under his grand piano and began sharing this with people in his life. “Under the Piano” was born.

Craig and fellow musician friends are also the originators of the events called, Musical Oasis every week in DT Vancouver at St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church (https://www.facebook.com/standrewswesley/?ref=page_internal): "A purely musical experience with no spoken word, Music Oasis was designed to embrace both spiritual people of any faith and non-spiritual people."

More about Craig and UNDER the PIANO here: http://www.underthepiano.ca/homepage.html


REGISTER HERE > (https://www.meetup.com/VEGAN-Vancouver/events/244133207/) $20.00 (Includes beverages; vegan wine and non-alcoholic and vegan dessert... and a whole lotta love.)

There's only space for 10 people!

And most important: "You will have the opportunity to create ideas in conversation that then inspire a spontaneous piano improvisation. You'll also have opportunities to lie under the piano and Craig will create a customized song just for you!


The vision and purpose of VEGAN Vancouver Conversation Dinners:

· Meet others in Vancouver who want to connect through plant-based food and meaningful, more deeper conversations

· Transcend the vegan and plant-based conversation beyond the typical norm, which in turn could transform our perspectives

· Discuss and share (without concern of judgment and in a safe environment) the fears, disappointments, and challenges of becoming vegan or becoming meatless

· Experience and celebrate what it means to live a vegan (or transitioning to vegan) lifestyle

· Create a community of people who support and celebrate each other’s differences and cultures

· Build a community of hosts and dinners throughout Metro Vancouver

These events are typically smaller gatherings (held at member’s homes). They are potluck events and we'll create a different food theme for each dinner.

To learn more about the history of the dinners go here:


REGISTER HERE > (https://www.meetup.com/VEGAN-Vancouver/events/244133207/) $20.00 (Includes beverages; vegan wine and non-alcoholic and vegan dessert)

Peace, love, dogs,

Laura Simonson, Founder - VEGAN Vancouver and Dogg – The NEW Generation of Dog



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