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Thrill the Taste Buds RAW Dinner & Health Secrets: The Ultimate Detox Class!

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Please join us for a lip-smacking, toe-curling RAW Vegan Dinner, as well as a spine tingling voyage to the depths of the unknown, as we hear firsthand - from Michael Joseph of Organic Shores - Health Secrets of the Ages: The Ultimate Detox! We'll be sitting in the catbird seat as Michael, maestro of the kitchen at Organic Shores, reveals the innumerable tight-lipped secrets about detoxifying your body, as though the truth has been in the witness protection program throughout human history! Together, we'll climb the mountain of information (previously unknown to most) that will stretch the limits of our knowledge on this topic, and have us soaring high above the clouds of our current level of understanding.

Michael will be speaking our language as he fills in the surprising gaps of knowledge on this topic. He promises to pitch a complete game of nutritional enlightenment, as he brightens the searchlight of awareness, shining his light of knowledge, to cut through the darkness of current understanding about both salt and water; and why they're so important to health and well-being. Like a flower opening up to the Sun, we'll be drinking in the words and savoring the flavor of the Health Secrets of the Ages!

Hungry? We're in for a real treat as Organic Shores is quickly building an impressive track record of culinary achievement, by continuing to expand its lush-as-a-rainforest menu with new thrill-your-palate entrée and blow-your-socks-off dessert selections; serving up a boundless sea of flavors, fresh from fertile organic fields to our mouths! At this Meetup, we'll be sampling some of their new items with a special mouth-watering, magnificent RAW dinner, for this event only, for just $24.95! (Dessert and drinks extra.)

Our members and their guests now enjoy a 10% Discount on all purchases, 7 Days a Week(!) at the Valley's newest VEG restaurant, Organic Shores, in north Phoenix! Organic Shores is a 100% ORGANIC, 100% RAW, Vegan restaurant at the northeast corner of Bell Rd and 40th St in north Phoenix; where we'll indulge in new experiences and taste sensations, sinking our teeth into juicy, mouth-watering, and succulent pleasures that will tickle your taste buds and thrill you with sumptuous passion!

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