Saturday Rallies at King of Prussia Malls

This is a past event

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King of Prussia Mall

Corner of Mall Blvd and Rt. 202 · King of Prussia, PA

How to find us

The corner of Mall Boulevard and Route 202 (where you turn off 202 to drive between the old and newer malls) - Look for Healthcare signs

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The corner of Mall Boulevard and Route 202 (where you turn off 202 to drive between the old and newer malls).

Tips from Lou:
Parking: Plenty of uncrowded parking. If travelling north on 202, drive PAST Mall Boulevard, then turn left at the first driveway you come to; then turn left again into the large, usually empty parking lot, up near the Wachovia bank on our corner. Don’t park in the bank’s lot. We’re bringing donuts for the bank this time.

Who will be there with us?: I’m expecting members of groups as well as people connected with no group at all. Those include the Tea Party groups from West Chester & Valley Forge, and 912 Patriot groups from Pottstown, Lancaster, Royersford and elsewhere, and from the West Chester Sheepdogs who normally rally there in support of our troops.

One weekend we had a woman, not a group member, come all the way from the Reading area, and another from Media. The determination I see is quite inspiring to me.

Permission: We stay on public sidewalks and do not need any permit. I always phone the Upper Merion police just to let them know. They are quite cooperative.

Signs and flags: Our message is healthcare. Please stay on message. We urge you to avoid signs using “Obama” on them, because, a. It’s a red flag to many and b. It kind of makes us gag.

Some sign ideas are attached to this email. If you don’t have a sign, bring a flag, but if you don’t have either, bring yourself; you are the most vital part of these public appearances.

Be prepared for very positive thumbs up from motorists (and only a few snide remarks); the positive responses we’ve been receiving are very gratifying. And we’re reaching a lot of people from all over the Delaware Valley at this particular mall.

Handouts: Not practical; the traffic is heavy and is moving; we don’t want to cause a traffic stoppage or a rear-ender.

Invite a friend or family member: Even if they can only be there for an hour or less. You are showing your family that your country requires doing something that’s inconvenient; there is no cause more worthy.

Tips: Bring water. Palefaces should have suntan lotion handy, maybe a hat & sunglasses too. Where we park is so close to our rally corner that you can leave stuff like that in your car and still get to it in only a minute. Guys, don’t take this as a criticism of your magnificent physique (gag!), but please avoid wearing Speedos; see my note above about traffic stoppages.

After we rally: We could meet somewhere inside the air conditioned mall (without signs), for a beer, a boilermaker, ice cream, or whatever, and get to know each other better. Let’s work this out on Saturday.