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Calling all travelers that absolutely LOVE ALL-INCLUSIVE resorts, ready for adventures, love to meet new people, have a lot of fun, create AMAZING memories, and crave to LIVE LIFE OUT LOUD! All personality types are truly welcome and looking forward to creating a plethora of AWESOME ALL-INCLUSIVE TRAVEL EVENTS.

PASSION is what inspired me to create this group!!! Discovering the GEMS in the world while serving in the military and in the civilian sector; INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCES. Linking like-minded people together is exhilarating and the outcome has always been favorable:)

WHY should you join this group? To experience LIFE on another level, encounter different people, create life-changing memories, and contribute to your travel consciousness!!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone, serving in this travel space, and exploring our beautiful planet together.

SPECIAL NOTE: As the Official Travel Advisor and Host of this group, I will coordinate all travel events:) THANK YOU in advance for respecting this space! Looking forward to SERVING and increasing our #TravelConsciousness collectively!!!


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Labor Day Celebration

Port of Miami

BREAKaway and #BeTransformed

Norwegian Getaway

Sweet Harmony Getaway

Port Canaveral

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