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We are excited to announce the launch of the VIDEO MARKETING ACADEMY (VMA) MEETUP GROUP.

Video Is The Most Powerful Marketing Tool On The Web.

Video can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but knowing how to make the most of your video strategy can be a challenge. That's why we are partnering with the best and brightest in the industry to bring you thought-leadership, educational, and inspirational videos to help you more effectively leverage the power of video in your marketing mix.

Video. According to Cisco, in 2017, we’ll have 69% of the overall consumer traffic on the Internet covered by video. When we think of a content marketing video, we likely succumb to the glowing image of breath-taking flicks with 6-digit budgets. The budding reality is that costs to produce an engaging video have plummeted over the past years. You don’t need to shoot a Super Bowl-deserving commercial. Sometimes it’s enough to make a simple demo of your product to reach the audience of 75 000 people ready to subscribe just over the night. As it happened with Drew Houston who uploaded his MVP demo of DropBox and it made a shot. This video basically let DropBox to skyrocket. It neither had graphics nor professional footage. Just Drew commenting his future product. That’s it. You can also leverage user-generated content which showcases real interaction experiences with your product. Think of unboxing....

Video Marketing Academy (VMA) Meetup Group will help you to learn:

(1) Video Marketing Skills

(2) How to use Video Marketing tools

(3) How to design Videos

(4) How to create Video website

(5) How to create Video streaming websites

(6) How to use Videos to create awareness about your Products, Services and your Business

(7) How to create your own videos

(8) How to do Branding for your Videos

(9) How to use Videos in your Training, Seminars, workshops, Conferences, in your Profession and in your Business

(10) Creative & Cost Effective DIY Video Marketing Solutions

Video Marketing Academy (VMA) provides a platform to all the Video Professionals, Video Streaming Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Video Marketing Consultants, Online Marketing Professionals, Internet Marketing Professionals, Corporate Trainers, IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs, IT Entrepreneurs, Startup Entrepreneurs, Students, Video Branding Professionals, Video Content Generators, Video Experts, Video Editors, Video Directors, Video Producers, Video related Professionals and for all the People who are passionate about Videos to CONNECT, SHARE & COLLABORATE to Learn, Grow and become Successful in your Profession OR Business!


Our vision is to help companies connect easily with Video Marketers to promote their business online

By joining the group and participating in our events you agree and consent to our current group policies, rules and disclaimer which may be changed without any notice.


Looking forward to meeting you in our Events. :)

Thanks & Regards,

Team Video Marketing Academy

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