• The future of VR & AR

    The Venture Café (Groothandelsgebouw 4th floor)

    While 2018 is behind us, it's time to look forwards. What do VR and AR have to offer in 2019, what's the future of these technologies after the hype? Come and join us at the VR010 Meetup 2019 and beyond and see for yourself! What can you expect? - Interesting talks about VR/AR. - Demo's to experience VR/AR. - Meet the enthusiastic VR/AR community. - Awesome opportunity to do some networking. - Get inspired by enthusiasts. - Drinks. What's the schedule? - Starts at: 17:00 until 20:00 (drinks incl.) - Talks will be at: 18:00 until 20:00 - Demos will be at: 17:00 until 20:00 - After talk at Café Engels (ground floor, drinks excl.) at: 20:00 until 22:00+ Sessions of the evening will be: Talk (17:50/18:00) VR010 - Intro https://www.vr010.nl Talk (18:00/18:30) (AR) VR4Play - Future of VR Arcades and creating a successful game https://vr4play.nl Talk (18:30/19:30) (AR) TWNKLS - Operational Effiency and Market Effectiveness: Making a Difference with AR https://twnkls.com Talk (19:30/20:00) (AR) Interknowlogy Europe BV - A future of Mixed Reality http://ikeurope.com Demo (17:00/20:00) (AR) Twnkls - Making a Difference with AR https://twnkls.com Demo (17:00/20:00) (VR) VR-House - HTC Vive collaboration demo https://vr-house.nl/ How can I sign up? Sign up using this meetup page so we know how many people we can expect. You can always walk in, try out demo's, have a chat or a drink. Seats for talks are limited and is on: comes first, served first basis. Anything else? VR010 Meetup evening are open to anyone. We're always looking for members to join and people to demo or talk about something. If you've got something to show or want to talk about something? Make sure you contact me and we make it happen! Got any questions? Leave a message or contact me directly using meetup. Kind regards, Nathan van Hulst

  • Business as unusual


    It's time for a great celebration. We are blessed with multi-talented members at the Base, and this night Kees Veerman and his band "The Business" (coverphoto) will play and entertain us. And you should come too ! This is a post-VRDAYS, high fivin' kind of wonderful night before everything turns into Christmas and 2018 will become a blur AND THERE IS LIVE FUNKY MUSIC ! Bring a friend and tie your bowtie ! Free entrance

  • Worlds in Motion


    Bridging the gap between motion designers and XR Developers. Stories are told all over the world for big audiences or one-on-one. In this modern day and age, storytelling is more versatile. Be it on screen, or have the viewer in the middle of it, you can even be submerged right into the story. Join us at the Marineterrien for a inspiring presentations and some drinks event between motion designers and XR Developers. This event is co-hosted by Ctrl A and the XRBASE

  • VR GAME NIGHT - Beat Saber Tournament


    Kees Veerman & XRBASE presents VR GAME NIGHT - Beat Saber tournament 5 € to participate in the grand tournament (bring cash) It is a knockout tournament competing in the most popular VR GAME at the moment: Beat Saber Torurnament rules will be announced. Can you beat our XRBASE Grandmaster ? Cool prices, good vibes and cheap beers can be bought in the bar ! Get your game and sweat on. See you all.

  • Warp @ 48 Hour Film 360˚ VR Project

    Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

    Dutch Media Week, 48 Hour Film Project and Warp Studio (https://warp.studio) challenge you in the weekend of 1 and 2 September to create a short interactive 360˚ video with the Warp Studio. You can use interactive elements to make your story more exciting. Of course there are great prizes to win. The best movie will win a year licence for Warp Studio (worth €8400) and a €500 rent budget of Budgetcam. Next to that your movie will go to the international 48 hour film festival, Filmapalooza, in March 2019 in Orlando. Go here for more information and to sign-up: www.48hourfilm.com/360vr Teams who use the Warp Studio will get a special discount. Send an e-mail to [masked] and you will be able to join for 48 euros per team. The schedule will be as follows: Masterclass 360/VR Thursday 30 of August 2018 @ 19:00 - 22:00 Kickoff Event Friday 31 August 2018 @ 18:00 - 19:00 Dropoff Event Sunday 2th 6th of September 2018 @ 18:30 - 19:30 Deadline = 19:30 Premiere Screenings Thursday 6th of September 2018

  • Uitmarkt 2018 - Augmented Reality Tour

    Marineterrein Amsterdam


  • Summerbase #8 - Artificial interaction in VR - Virtual agents

    Join us for this summerbase event when we dive into a fantastic tech-crossover between AI and VR ! How can AI offer psychological support ? AI is already helping us in multiple ways on a professional and daily basis. But how far have systems come in realtime adapting virtual environments on human emotional state e.g. measure the level of fear and do real-time adjustment in virtual world? And how is all this applicable to VR ? For a start research on virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) has demonstrated good treatment efficacy with regards to several anxiety disorders. Yet, there is lack of knowledge about the value of integrating interaction between clients and virtual humans in VRET. Such interaction might prove effective in treating psychological complaints that involve social interactions, such as social anxiety... and this is why we have invited Dr. Willem-Paul Brinkman from Delft University His primary research interests are human-computer interaction, behavior change support systems, specifically eHealth systems including virtual reality therapy systems, and virtual health agents. He and his team has conducted several proof-of-concept pilot studies aimed at examining levels of the sense of presence and anxiety during exposure to virtual environments. These involve social interaction with virtual humans and using different virtual reality displays. Tests include: - Examining the social dialogue situation, and the dialogue feedback responses (negative or positive) between a human and a virtual character - An experiment with 24 participants was conducted where the emotions of a virtual human were manipulated during both the listening and speaking phase of the dialogue - People perceptions of automatically created audience behavior - Virtual health agent asking people about past experiences His ultimate objective is to establish an autonomous eHealth system with a digital psychologist that can assist individuals in achieving a broad set of behavior change goals. Ranging from overcoming mental illness to lifestyle modification to cope with a chronic illness.

  • Summerbase #7 - Unity developer


    This is a night for developers (and developers-to-become) ! Come and meet like-minded and get the latest news on upgrades, important outtakes from UNITE in Berlin and a what's cooking at the Unity HQ and R & D. Looking forward to see you all. Free registration.

  • Summerbase #6 - Spatial Audio for XR Productions



    How can we all get started with spatial audio ? XRBASE and VRDAYS are very pleased to increase the focus on - and the need for - more realistic audio in immersive settings We have invited three CEO’s from three German companies to Amsterdam to elaborate on democratizing spatial audio and insights from productions. Dear Reality's “dearVR Spatial Connect” is a software tool that can lower the entrance point for spatial audio. The users can mix audio for VR in VR and intuitive understand the impact. No audio engineering background is required. Dear Reality is the company behind the software and has recently received funding by Sennheiser in order to improve immersive audio (creation and rendering of immersive audio in object-based and scene-based formats) ‘Dear Reality’ will be joined by ‘DELTA Soundworks’, a VR Sound Design Company , and ‘VRTONUNG’, a 360° Sound Production company This is a night for all that takes sound seriously - and for the those who wants to take spatial sound seriously, but still finds is too big of a hassle. Ticket price: 5 € https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-summerbase-6-spatial-audio-for-xr-productions-47809898694 --------------------------------- Bio's: Christian Sander CEO | Dear Reality Christian Sander is the CEO and Co-founder of Dear Reality, a German Audio VR/AR company creating tools focused on spatial audio and the 3D Audio technology dearVR, listed "VR Essentials" by the game engine Unity. He is an expert for spatial audio, virtual acoustics and VR sound design with more than eight years of experience in Audio VR, DSP and R&D. Besides being a skilled software developer Christian Sander worked as a sound engineer for Germany’s biggest public broadcasters Westdeutscher Rundfunk and Deutschlandfunk. He holds a degree in Sound- and Video Engineering, once won the bronze award at the AES Student Competition "Sound For Visual Media" and worked as a lecturer for Digital Audio. More Info: http://www.dearvr.com _________ Daniel Deboy CEO | DELTA Soundworks Daniel Deboy is CEO and co-founder of DELTA Soundworks, a production company with focus on immersive audio for virtual reality and full-dome cinema. He holds a degree in sound engineering of the Graz University of Technology and was honoured for his fundamental research in the field of 3D sound recording and reproduction with the “Student Award” of the German Acoustical Society. Daniel won a gold, silver and bronze award at the AES student recording competition and has further trained his skills as a recording and mixing engineer at the facilities of the Alte Zigarrenfabrik in Sandhausen, Germany. More Info: http://deltasoundworks.com _________ Martin Rieger CEO | VRTONUNG Martin Rieger has been specialized in cinematic virtual reality video productions and is one of the view freelancers who work full time in that specific field and wrote his master thesis about it. With his studies of media technology and production, he has a good overview of state of the art technology, not only limited to the sound, which is what can give him advantages over classic sound engineers. He has been working for varies feature films, documentaries and commercials as a production sound mixer, re-recording engineer and music composer. This is where he realized 360-degree videos is exactly what he was looking for, small but stunning projects he can handle on his own, thus delivering the sound on vision from day one of shooting to the final delivery after taking care of post-production. More Info: https://www.vrtonung.de/

  • Summerbase #5 - Immersive museums


    XRBASE and VRDAYS invite you to a night at the immersive museum! This next upcoming summerbase event will be dedicated to the latest development on the use of immersive media in museums. We’ve invited some inspiring speakers who will share their experience and use cases with you. What can immersive tech add to the user experience? Do we actually need VR or AR in order to re-design the museum space? The possibilities are huge and in many ways virtual museums represent the merge of some of the most popular use cases in VR. It entails the learnings from art, design, architecture, education, storytelling, and real estate who all meet in a new fascinating setting. Speakers: Michael Couzigou, Directeur | Atelier des Lumières, Paris https://www.atelier-lumieres.com/ Rudolf Romero, Artist, CEO | Alkonost Development https://www.alkonostdevelopment.com/ Joris Demnard, CEO & Co-Founder | IkonoSpace http://ikonospace.com/ See you next week at our museum night!