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Ok so you have a VR headset and you always though "Damn, it would be nice if it could detect how my chair is tilted" or "Gosh I wish in that race game I could feel the air on my face as I go faster!" well... now is your chance to make it work!

Goal : going from solely writing software to making hardware. Cardboard part done successfully, now how to make it also benefiting from the open electronics recent movement?

Principle : interact with the world or somebody in VR thanks to affordable electronics

Hardware : 6 electronic kits

• 1 ESP8266 chipset, programmable with Arduino/Python with WiFi integrated

• 1 breadboard

• 1 potentiometer jumpers

Optionally, to share amongst participants who want to go further : temperature and humidity sensor depth sensing (ultrasound) light intensity infra-red receptor misc (No accelerometer for now.)