7:00pm Indoor Soccer (Co-ed over 30 Rec - arrive by 6:45pm)


Join us for an hour of fun and fitness! We play RECREATIONAL soccer every Friday on the large turf court at 7:00pm (Arrive by 6:45 to choose teams). We don't keep score and there are no refs. We have plenty of highly skilled players, but our focus is on keeping it fun and safe. Highly competitive players are not welcome! We limit the number of players each week to 21, but sign up even if we are full! Chances are you may get to play if there are cancellations. No hard cleats and shin guards are optional. PLEASE TRY TO ARRIVE AT LEAST 5-10 MINUTES EARLY so we can form teams. We look forward to seeing you!

Bring a black and white shirt.

$10 fee to pay for the field.