Conversational bots, APIs and serverless


[Thanks to Daft Labs ( for sponsoring this meetup along with the BTVJS Lightning Talks that follow at 7:30, by covering the cost of the room and the pizza and soda! And thanks to Greg White who is organizing the BTVJS for making these arrangements)

BiBi Othmani, from Nexmo ( leader in programmable communications APIs) will be visiting so we're getting a cool talk.

In the age of conversational interfaces, users are increasingly expecting to interact with applications in a flexible and contextualized way. They also expect to interact with the app via multiple communication channels such as SMS, voice and lately bots. In this talk, we will go through programmable and contextual communications, why it’s a key element of apps development in the present and future? We will also learn how to add feature rich communications capabilities to your apps using Microsoft Bot Framework and Nexmo SMS and Voice APIs.will demonstrate building chat bots using Microsoft Bot Framework and Nexmo's APIs.

Then Julie Lerman will demo a set of serverless functions in the cloud that integrate with Azure Cosmos DB's document database and sends SMS messages (using Nexmo's APIs) in response to changes to the database.

Following this session, there will be another meetup, BTVJS Lightning Talks: Testing!

*We're working on getting food sponsored for this pair of meetups and will update when there's more info about that. *