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    Joined Dec 4, 2018
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    UI Engineer at Dealer.com.
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    Python and JavaScript enthusiast
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    Team Lead Database Administrator at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont.
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    Independent contractor specializing in back end services, cloud infrastructure, build deploy and DevOps!
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    Anahi Costa. Love the arts, science and programming.
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    Sr Front End Developer at Dealer.com who loves Javascript and birds.
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    Developer Advocate at IBM
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    Programmer teaching other programmers how to write good code and live a happy life.
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    QA Engineer
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    Agilion.com and Momentum.coach
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    Web developer at Agilion, dad to a pale baby
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    I'm currently working at the Department of Health as the Team Technical Lead for our Software Development unit. I'm interested in web, desktop, and mobile development technologies, especially if they're on the .NET stack.
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    Co-organizer of the Vermont Coders Connection (http://www.meetup.com/VTCode/), co-founder of the VT Code Camp (http://www.vtcodecamp.org/), Co-organizer and co-emcee of HackVT (http://www.hackvt.com/) and software engineer at Inntopia
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    Building JS Apps for local VT Companies Love JS? let me know, I am hiring
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