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We are looking for anyone who is interested in tabletop RPG games or wants gamer buddies! Vacaville or surrounding area preferred, but if you are willing to drive or commute to events, the more the merrier.

My intention is to have this group be a place to meet fellow gamers and make friends; coordinate RPG campaigns or other gaming events; and basically be a one-stop shop for any game-related activity you want to enjoy with other people.

So check us out, stop on by, join and let's start gaming!

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Vikings based D&D 5E
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Long time D&D DM and player here (and many other games), with an opening to join our newly inaugurated campaign. We lost one of our own after making the switch from Pathfinder to 5e. I may allow for 2 if you joining means we adopt you plus one.

When: We play approximately 2 out of 3 Friday evenings from 530-Midnight.

Where: My home, located in east side of Vacaville near Vanden Rd and Alamo Dr.

Who: We are 4½ players (I say ½ because we are all family-oriented & career people with busy lives and it is rare when all are available. We usually have 4, rarely have all 5. Now having lost a player that means it would commonly leave us with only 3 available (that's where you come in). We are all 40+, most of us have played together for many years, and most of us have been playing RPGs for a couple of decades (me since 1981 - and one of my players I've been gaming with since 1993).

What: I initially started this campaign game in January using Pathfinder, but found that it was not conducive to the game/story I was trying to convey. After trying 5e a few times as a player, I realized that alot of what I wanted to change about Pathfinder, 5e had already done, and it seemed more compatible with the genre, atmosphere, and style that I wanted the game to be.

We revamped a month ago to 5e, and have played 4 games, losing a player as he was disinterested in the new direction.

IMPORTANT: The game is not stock standard 5e. We use the 5e as the foundation, but the nature of the game is that it is a "Campaign Setting" that is hacks the rules to fit the style of the world that it is hosted in. Much like Ravenloft does, or Planescape from old 2nd edition did. This is a Vikings based survival in the northlands game set in a cold remote "dark ages" type game-world. Magic is suppressed. Many of the core classes and races from the PHB are not allowed, but replaced with more thematically appropriate classes and races. (i.e. giant-blooded vs tiefling for race, and Skald vs Bard for class changes). The game is quite authentic in flavor and feel, and the heroes all belong to the same clan (yours will be too), loyal to the same jarl. The Jarldom is a "good" alignment so the character's are too (yours will be too - I do not host games with evil D&D characters). I was already a big fan of Norse culture, but I have studied it much more profusely to capture that canonical flavor from what we know of that ancient culture. There is definitely a Skyrim influence as well, and some Tolkien.
Please be aware: On top of being in a Viking landscape, the world is dark and creepy, alone, isolated, and harsh. The game is gritty, with a number of mechanics added to the game to make surviving the harsh environment just as challenging as the creatures themselves. Many encounters are dealing with fatigue, weariness, and environmental hazards. It is also a land of horror and madness as well. Not as overt in madness as Cthulu nor as overt in horror and fear in Ravenloft, but these Campaign Settings have a significant influence. The Great Old Ones do sleep trapped under the ice, and their influence over the hearts and minds of men is implemented. I say all of this 'warning' because I do not want someone responding with interest, having false pretenses of the game. NOTE: It is not for everyone. I get that, and I understand that. It is not cookie-cutter league play. It is not high-magic Forgotten Realms. Magic items are very rare, and spellcasters are feared and usually hunted and lynched. On top of that, while I am fair DM and not vindictive towards characters, I would categorize my style as DM to make game very challenging. Combats are deadly. The game world is fairly sand-boxy in nature; there is an over-arching story, but the characters are in the driver's seat for the most part, driving the story and where to go. The world is open-ended as far as "the North" goes. But that also means that if you go to the mountains in the distance where there is a known horrible and ancient dragon taking residence, you'll encounter a known horrible and ancient dragon - even if you're only 3rd level. The world and game is not set to where you only ever encounter appropriate level based monsters, and the story only sends you where the creatures are appropriate to your average party level. If you know the marshy area is deadly and no one comes out of there alive, and you hear of the tales of what lives there - don't expect the storyline to need to have you go there; but if you choose to go there - don't be surprised to learn why no one ever comes back. The closer you remain in "civilized" areas (cultivated areas), your encounters remain far more civilized and less deadly. The further you travel to unexplored, unsettled, and dangerous lands - the more lethal the area is (naturally) and the more the land and creatures holds dominion. Much like an MMO - if you go to area far above your level, the game doesn't just repopulate that area with weaker creatures, and this game is not linear and rail-roady to only send you to areas that you "unlock" once you're powerful enough to go there.

Player Base: I am very selective who I invite to play. This is to avoid having conflicts of interest as it relates to style of play; and to avoid people wasting their time and becoming frustrated with a game or group that isn't for them. As I said, the game is not for everyone and I mean that. You are an ideal candidate for this game if WHO your character is, is far more important that WHAT your character can do. In other words, if you're a hard-core power gamer min/maxer splat book loving uber grinder player, you're going to be disappointed. I don't use splat books. I squash loop-hole rules and player attempts to exploit them. I'm not interested in players that can "build a toon that can do 298 points of damage in a round using this and that." I don't judge those who play this way - there's nothing wrong with that style of play if it suits you and your DM and group - this game and group would not suit you however and only lead to frustration. So just be honest with yourself on what interests you.

On the other hand, if you're more interested in developing your character's personality through actions and consequences that shape the story and the world around you, and you're interested in being part of an on-going epic adventure story and interact with NPCs that feel real with real needs and personality and your actions alter their story, then you may fit right in. We use an established messageboard that I started many years ago where I host information about the campaign where the players can post their character info, and aspirations and stuff during the week away from game. I post all of the world info and NPCs etc that important to the story as well as track treasure and Xp, and "downtime" activities by the players when resting at their homestead and not adventuring or going a-Viking.

If you are available and interested, and want more info, you can contact me here, but I'd prefer a direct email as I check that often: SirKicley{at}yahoo{dot}com I'll ask to meet you at some point perhaps at the local game shop or something.

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