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Vaccine Awareness and Choice Coalition of Santa Cruz County ( was formed to work against the passage of SB277 Mandatory Vaccinations for School Children legislation. We are dedicated to affirming the unalienable rights of parents and individuals to make choices about medical care for their children and themselves, and about the substances we put into our own bodies.

Our ongoing mission is to share information and raise awareness about: Vaccine Safety and the dangers associated with vaccinations; Deceptive Practices of the Vaccine Industry and their suppression of data on vaccine harms; Over-Inflation of Vaccine Benefits including lies about the success of vaccine programs; Corrupt Collusion Between Pharmaceutical Corporations and Medical Industry and Government Actors; and about the innate and unalienable rights that all humans are endowed with. We currently see that there is a tremendous, accelerated push to both get people to believe that vaccinations (often erroneously called "inoculations") are completely "safe and effective," and to blindly accept the "vaccination schedules" created by private medical industry groups like the American Academy for Pediatrics and the CDC itself. We want to help people understand what's happening with this and to help them prevent damage and harm to their children.

Vaccinations are medical interventions that are accompanied by inherent and serious risks. They were characterized by the Supreme Court as being "unavoidably unsafe." Because of the acknowledged dangers, medical practitioners are required to provide full and open disclosure of the purpose(s), as well as all the known benefits and the risks of that proposed treatment or procedure, so that patients can give Informed Consent before the intervention is performed. The Vaccine Awareness and Choice Coalition of Santa Cruz County will work to see that this sacred principle is not violated through the abuse of State power.

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