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Vagabond Photo Walk: Downtown Asheville @ Night (June 25th)

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Asheville Pack Square/Vance Monument

Pack Square · Asheville, NC

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Folks with cameras and tripods gathered around the Vance Monument (obelisk)

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Lots of folks are interested in doing a "night" shoot MeetUp, so here it is! No doubt, it won't be the last..

One of the most important things to realize about "night" photography is that, most often, the best time to capture top quality night photographs is not at night, per se. It's best to start shooting at twilight working your way through to full darkness, and likely ending soon after that. Why not shoot at true night? Because in such conditions, all of the light that you are capturing is manmade. It can be very contrasty, with shadow areas being completely black and highlights being blown out, and the night sky also being an often unflattering black. Shooting through the "blue" hour will provide a mix of ambient and manmade light, evening out contrast, while giving the sky a blue-ish tint (instead of a dead-ish black), becoming a deeper blue as darkness sets in.

So, we'll meet at 7:00pm, do some (important) scouting, and find our desired places to set up for the peak shooting period. Sunset is at 8:50PM, which will give us plenty of time to scout (and do some random shooting in the process), and plenty of time for "night" shooting.

It is highly recommended that a tripod is used, along with a cable release or remote (or just use the two-second self-timer setting on your camera to minimize camera shake).