What we're about

Maybe you are an expert world traveler who speaks 6 languages. Maybe you have never been outside the US but are intrigued by the idea. Perhaps you lived in or are from another country and would love to share that culture. Or maybe you lived a thoroughly unique experience in the US, like living "off the grid" or spending a summer in the Aleutians. Perhaps you've done none of this, but you love learning about this.

All of those are great! Anyone interested in learning about travel and cultures is welcome.

What do we do as a group?

• Share photos, videos, and stories of our travel experiences so that the rest of us can live vicariously through someone else for a little while

• Explore the impact and meaning of travel with each other

• Enjoy the shared experience of seeing an impactful international film

• Promote the various speakers and programs available in our amazing city

• Have some fun food experiences together (good food, good drinks, good company... who doesn't enjoy that?)

Other local resources online you may want to check out include:





If you have suggestions for events please get in touch with me through the messaging link under my profile. If you would like to be an event coordinator please let me know. - Kevin

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