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What is Vagrant? It's virtualization of a local development environment to avoid the headaches that can arise when maintaining multiple projects on one machine. Keep your local machine clean but have a perfect environment for whatever you’re working on available with a few short commands.

Why virtualize your development environment?

What is Vagrant and how does it work?

How can I set up a development environment using Virtualbox+Vagrant?

How to build your own development lab to share with your team.

This is a group for all skill levels. We meet to talk about, work on, and troubleshoot our own projects, to come up with ideas for new projects, and to have fun while building the Vagrant community in Boston.

For even more info on Vagrant: https://www.vagrantup.com

Our GitHub page: https://github.com/vagrantUsersOfBoston

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Rapid Prototying using Vagrant and Ansible

HubSpot, Inc.

What's in the box?

HubSpot, Inc.

vagrant up: Project night

HubSpot, Inc.

vagrant up: Modeling Multimachine Clusters in a Single Vagrantfile

Microsoft NERD Center - Adams Room

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