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CiA - Club in Action! A group for intelligent investors looking for smart deals

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The Real Estate Club in Action is unlike any other REIA club you have ever seen or attended. It truly is a Club ; A club made up of like-minded folks who want to utilize real estate as a vehicle to greater wealth, a comfortable retirement, a legacy for their children, or a means to investing objectives.

We help connect people. Our meetings are a mastermind format. You don't just park your rear in a seat and listen to someone tell you/sell you the newest latest greatest technique to get "Quick Riches" with no credit or money. We do NOT present "gurus" as speakers. WE present local folks and local deals. We have active apartment, commercial and residential investors who want to mentor beginners.

We have active investors, looking for deals to invest in.

We share opportunities for earning good returns through real estate investing, both locally and out of the area.

And most of all, we have members and guests who either are seasoned and have been where you have been or are newer and looking for real guidance and peer advising.

Come check us out. We think you will like what you find, if you are truly interested in and serious about actually investing instead of buying another course.

**Limit one guest per person. If you bring more than one, they will have to purchase a ticket, unless they bring a guest of their own. And so on...

Members can bring as many guests as they like.

Guests can only attend twice, paid or not, before being required to join as a member.