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This Meet-Up can help you, your start-up or your growing enterprise to:

• Get established as an authority in your niche.

• Get funding from unpublicized or secret sources of money from individuals, societies and organizations that are not in the VC ecosystem.

• Generate connections that can generate sales.

• Win over new clients, potential staff or representatives.

• Expand your reach beyond the local community.

Do you have a great idea that can change the world? Are you interested in doing something to help others? Is your business or startup disrupting a niche? Do you want to influence people? Do you want investors to become aware of your business and to take you seriously?

I've worked with successful TED speakers in one of the top TED communities in the world, based in Boston, the TEDx that has had the most talks be featured on the big TED.com website. Our talks receive millions of views.

I still work with a small group of potential speakers from around the world. I help them come up with a great topic, to develop their talks, and to work on their pitches.

In this Meet-Up, together we will make sure that not only your talk, but your supporting slides are professional. I may even facilitate so that your pitch is considered by an appropriate TEDx community. Maybe, if this is your goal, you may be able to give your talk in person!

This MeetUp is also great for developing pitches to potential investors or for creating powerful video presentations for your online networks, such as YouTube, Vimeo, your website, etc.

Generally, the Meet-Ups will be in English, but your talks can be in Spanish, too.

Note that the introductory session is free. There is a small fee for the sessions to cover the costs of the space and my time. LinkedIn.com/in/MaggieCurran and Maggie@MaggieCurran.com

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