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Men and women 18 and older who wish to spend quality time with their special someone know they care should attend Kickboxing at Seichou Karate at 6:45pm on February 14. You'll get an outstanding cardio-workout, learn to PROPERLY kick and strike with the hands. This event is FREE. However, we will be accepting donations ($15/person) to benefit Stop Child Abuse Now of Northern Virginia. The class will begin with a 15-minute yoga-based warm-up and then proceed to punching and kicking heavy bags for 20 or 40 minutes. CAVEAT: this is not strip mall kickboxing; we're really going to rock and roll and we anticipate some participants will not complete the full training. That's okay with us because we believe in the Japanese refrain "anzen dai-ichi" ("safety first"). Participants who successfully complete the training will receive a beautiful rose! Don't miss this event which - if well-received - we will hold on the second Thursday of each month. Attire: sweat pants and a t-shirt. Equipment: bag gloves, shin pads and a water bottle. Venue: Seichou Karate, 807 N. Royal Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Note that we are a school of traditional Japanese karate and require participants to remove their shoes and socks at the entryway. OSU!

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