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Singles, Couples, and Families all welcome!

Meet your neighbors, make new friends, and discover all that this beautiful area has to offer. Whether you are new to the area, or you've been here a while and looking to make friends, this group is for you!

We try to schedule a variety of meetups, and we encourage our active members to suggest meetups as well! If you hear of anything happening nearby, please let us know! Some suggested meetups might be: local concerts/events/fairs, new restaurant openings, happy hours, children's events, walks, crafting, photo walks, geocaching, bowling, karaoke, biking, movie night, beer/wine tasting, dinner parties, holiday parties, picnics, etc. What do YOU like to do?

Looking forward to meeting you all!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions or just want to talk with me, give me a call or text at 707-567-8779.

Again, welcome to the Vallejo/Benicia area and to our group!

Sincerely, Scott and the Vallejo/Benicia Area Newcomers Organizers (VBAN) and Hosts


Membership dues are just $5 per year, to cover the fees that Meetup charges us, as well as any additional expenses such as fliers, signs, etc. If you have any trouble with paying online through Meetup, please contact me to arrange an alternate method. The dues for now are voluntary but I hope you'd like to contribute as the cost to is almost $200 per year for the organizer and if there is some extra (there hasn't been as of yet) we'd like to put that toward events for those in need or those without perhaps, or maybe advertising or party accessories or games perhaps for the group events/activities.

If you want to suggest/host a meetup, please follow these guidelines:

- You must be an ACTIVE member, and have attended at least TWO events where at least one of the regular VBAN organizers also attended, and we've had a chance to get to know you. This is to ensure everyone's continued FUN and SAFETY! As a general rule, it is not a good idea to email people from the group without their permission, and especially don't make others uncomfortable. Please share your real name (first only is ok) and share a picture of you (not just your animals or a sunset for example) in your profile so we can all have a deeper level of safety. Thank you for your understanding!

- If your suggested event is approved (usually they are!), it will be announced as an official meetup and the rest of the group will automatically be notified. Usually the only reason it would not be approved is if we don't know you yet, or the event conflicts with another proposed event. Again, thank you for your understanding!

- This particular group has a lot of people who are new to the area, and quite often are new to the whole "meetup" concept itself. So, in your meetup description, state clearly, where and when you will meet, how long you will be in the meeting spot, and how they can find you. Try to think of questions a new person might have, and include that information in your description.

If you do not wish to host the event, and you are just letting people know about something interesting that is happening, include "No-host event" in the title.

- If you ARE hosting an event, please bring a "meetup" sign with you that is large enough to be seen clearly, and display it or hold it so that new members can find you easily. You can "google" the word "meetup" and print out the logo. Usually a half-sheet of cardstock, with the logo printed on the bottom half is good. You can then fold it in half and it will stand up by itself on a table.

See you soon!

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