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UPDATED: Love and Light Energies from across the Dimensions with Amber

This Meetup is past

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*Due to unexpected family circumstances, this meetup has been moved to Sunday, June 9. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause for those who have made plans to attend on June 2 and we look forward to seeing you one week later.*

Join together and exchange energies with archangels, ascended masters, star nation collectives and any who feel their presence is needed for your now purpose.

All who attend will enjoy Love & Light Energies from across the Dimensions. These energies contain healing, transformational, and clearing qualities that will leave you feeling recharged, filled with love and wonderfully at peace. Only energies of light and love may enter this secured and protected exchange, so know that you are safe as we join together in meditation.

Amber will guide us and serve as the energy channel for these multidimensional energies; utilizing her ability to readily communicate with energies across all dimensions and bring those who request permission for defined purpose into the current environment.

About Amber: A seeker herself, Amber became a channel into the higher frequencies of love and light through meditation, self study, mentoring, life coaching and trusting her personal guidance. She has the ability to clearly channel the knowledge and energies of the higher love and light guides who are always with us. As a medium, Amber can answer questions from many different sources to provide clarity and insights as to why you are here, what's your purpose in life, and much much more. As an energy channeler, she can bring in light frequencies to assist in healing, ascension codes, and raising your vibration into the light.