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Looking to form a writers' group in the Valley (Sherman Oaks, Studio City, surrounding area) for screenwriters. You can be located anywhere, though meetings will take place in the 818. Ideally, this would be for writers with sold or produced work or several years experience writing professionally in other capacities.

First Meeting Scheduled Tentatively for the Week of January 27th.

I've run these before with the success based entirely off the composition of the group; that's an important consideration. Likely this will be 6-8 people who commit to both writing and meeting regularly at a venue that serves caffeinated beverages and has quiet-enough meeting space. I would suggest every other week on a midweek evening. There is the expectation that you will read others' submitted pages before every meeting and contribute fresh pages of your own at least every other meeting (every four weeks).

In general, I don't prefer table reading script pages because it turns writers into actors and it's not how scripts are received and reviewed in the industry. So we'd individually read submitted material prior to meetings to group discuss at the meeting.

The three most important characteristics for group members would be (1) you're actively screenwriting, (2) you're positive and encouraging but willing to offer blunt and objective critique, (3) your ego can handle blunt and objective critique, and (4) you're well versed in all the fundamentals of writing for movies or television and speak the language.

If there is large interest, I will find another qualified person to lead a second group or more and we could possibly break up by preferred genres or formats.

Please feel free to join even if you're not necessarily up for the formal meeting arrangement. You never know who you might meet online in the discussion threads here. You can certainly use this forum for online support and making new acquaintances.


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