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What stalks the shadows of that Shining City on the Hill?

The Camarilla is still in control in DC, although there has been an increase in Sabbat activity uncomfortably close to the Beltway. Baltimore continues to be a Sabbat stronghold, and much of the territory along the 95 and 295 between DC and Baltimore can best be described as "contested". Some Lupine packs have taken advantage of the Kindred tensions, and vampires from both sects should be on guard in more remote areas.

As always, the mortal governmental agencies are either completely oblivious of the World of Darkness or infiltrated/compromised by the Kindred power structure...mostly. There are a few organizations, however, that are almost as well hidden from mainstream view as the Kindred; these groups represent a significant threat to the Masquerade and have proven to be much more "competent" than regular law enforcement and military forces. Perhaps even more than these elite top secret operatives, certain corporations have become increasingly troublesome to the Kindred. With cutting edge technology, their own private armies, and unlimited funds, these transnational corporations have shown that they can be lethal in pursuing their agendas.